BlueBud Offers New Flavor of Airline Food

JetBlue has always stood out by offering nutritious food options. We also look for partners who value responsibility and sustainability. The JetBlue BlueBud program combines these two passions, and it keeps our competitors on their toes.

BlueBud offers mentorship to small food companies that have unique concepts, diverse customers, and responsible practices. Each year, one company is selected to receive special access to JetBlue’s business leaders. Mentees learn what it takes to break into a difficult industry and get products onboard commercial aircraft.

Hot Bread Kitchen, a social enterprise bakery based in Harlem, was BlueBud’s first participant in 2015.

They create economic opportunity for immigrant women through paid on-the-job training in bread baking.

After their mentorship, Hot Bread Kitchen pitched their product to JetBlue, and we now serve the bakery’s challah rolls on our Mint brunch menu. This is a testament to the bakery, and also to BlueBud itself, which offers no guarantee of partnership beyond the program.

In 2016, BlueBud mentored The Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce, created by acclaimed New York chef King Phojanakong. More than 40 Bronx greenmarket farms and community gardens grow the peppers that give the sauce its kick. Each bottle sold directly supports these locations, helps to revitalize the economy of the Bronx, and asserts the borough as the next big New York culinary destination.

Through BlueBud, JetBlue is disrupting the traditional airline menu. We profile new talent, diversify the industry supplier base, and bring healthier food onboard at the right price.

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“Getting onboard an aircraft as a food partner is not an easy task, so what better learning experience is there than getting first-hand knowledge directly from those that pick new menu selections.”

—Jamie Perry, Vice President, Brand and Product Development, JetBlue

“The elements required to grow a small community-oriented business like ours will be greatly enhanced by mentoring from JetBlue. Their commitment to helping us grow will produce stronger, more vibrant community gardens where they are needed most.”

—John A. Crotty, Senior VP, The Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce