JetBlue’s Ground Support Goes Electric

2016 was a pivotal year for our ground operations crewmembers, who successfully completed a large-scale trial of electric ground support equipment at two New York airports.

The move away from conventional diesel and gasoline for electric equipment like belt loaders and bag tugs is a no-brainer. It saves money on fuel costs and maintenance, and it reduces emissions and noise. It’s also safer due to less aircraft damage, creep and shutdown features, and reduced fire risk from fuel.

Following the rollout of nine units at JFK, our biggest airport, we’ve set our sights on the West Coast. Our CA airports will be next to make the switch in our quest for enhanced operational efficiency, and to fulfill our American Business Act on Climate Pledge.

“It felt like the equipment was made with us in mind, like someone cared about our safety.”

—Ground Operations crewmember (JFK), JetBlue

“It’s great. No annoying motor noise. No toxic fumes. It’s eco friendly. I love it.”

—Ground Operations crewmember (JFK), JetBlue