JetBlue Offsets 1.7 Billion Pounds of CO2e Since 2008

Although we use new engine technology, smarter flying techniques, and renewable jet fuel, there are still some greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that we can’t reduce. For these, we offset. It’s not a long-term fix, but reducing the CO2 equivalent (CO2e) in other areas (beyond flying) motivates us to stay innovative, while balancing out emissions.

JetBlue helps reduce emissions in many ways, like by adding wing tips called Sharklets, supporting large-scale tree plantings, and by backing recovery technology that turns methane emissions from a landfill in Utah into a clean energy source.

JetBlue is among the top offsetters in the U.S. aviation industry. Since 2008, we’ve offset 1.7 billion pounds of CO2e with our partner, Carbonfund.org. In 2016, offsets purchased on behalf of crewmembers and customers rescued a dedicated area of a Brazilian rainforest from destruction, so those trees can continue absorbing emissions. We also offset BlueInc. customers’ corporate flights, and encourage customers to do the same with a post-ticket-purchase link.

“This is a huge accomplishment for any company. With JetBlue’s support, we have been able to develop forest conservation projects that are protecting nearly one million acres of threatened tropical rainforest, while simultaneously helping local communities and preserving areas with some of the highest levels of biodiversity.”

—Eric Carlson, President, Carbonfund.org Foundation

Offset your carbon footprint through Carbonfund.org