Be Informed, Buy Informed. Stop Illegal Wildlife Trade

Healthy ecosystems (that look awesome) make happy customers. That’s why, when illegal wildlife trade threatened the unique beauty of the Caribbean, we stepped in.

In 2016, we partnered with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and local conservationists to produce a PSA with a simple message: be informed, buy informed. Our flights became educational platforms as the PSA reached millions of customers onboard. We suggested ways that passengers could reduce the demand for illegal goods, including buying local products that avoid certain species.

JetBlue asked local businesses and activists to pitch alternative solutions. The three winners endorsed ecotourism activities such as supporting coral nurseries in Jamaica, observing wild macaws in Trinidad & Tobago, and turtle watching in Grenada.

“By opening the eyes of many of the millions of customers we bring to the Caribbean each year to the idea of responsible tourism, we can help ensure that the region remains a wonderful place to visit.”

—Robin Hayes, President & CEO, JetBlue