STEM and Aviation Education Fueled by JetBlue Foundation

Each year, the JetBlue Foundation provides grants to schools and educational programs focusing on STEM and aviation education. The JetBlue Foundation also provides opportunities for students to learn more about the various career options available at an airline like JetBlue such as flight operations (pilots), technical operations, aircraft maintenance, and more. In 2016, the JetBlue Foundation elected to award grants ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 to programs that empower and provide opportunities to underserved students and communities, including women and veterans.

“Industry-wide, less than three percent of commercial airline pilots are of color and only about two percent of commercial pilots are women... We set out to make a difference in our own sector by starting the JetBlue Foundation... to advance aviation-related education and sustain this industry that we love so much.”

—Joanna Geraghty, Executive Vice President Customer Experience, JetBlue and President of the JetBlue Foundation

Grantees include:

  1. Hiller Aviation Museum (San Carlos, CA)
    The Real Time Weather and Air Traffic Control exhibit will be the centerpiece of instructor-led programs for underserved youth groups.

  2. Above the Clouds (Boston, MA)
    This grant will support the operation of Above the Clouds’ Piper Warrior airplane program to help expand the "fly-out" field training opportunities for Discovery and Cadet Flyers.

  3. Vaughn College (Flushing, NY)
    This program will offer simulator-based training for women and veterans in aeronautics and technology.

  4. LGA Community College (Long Island City, NY)
    This digital tech program for STEM majors will provide skills development and experiential learning for low-income students.

  5. NY Hall of Science (Corona, NY)
    This Science Career Ladder initiative will engage underrepresented groups in STEM.

  6. Trident Tech College Foundation (North Charleston, SC)
    Through a new flight deck simulation training program, students will receive a hands-on aeronautical industry work experience.

  7. Worcester County Horticultural Society (Worcester, MA)
    This program will offer students interactive, hands-on learning that combines traditional forestry field work with the use of GPS and drone technology for field observations

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