Fly Like a Girl Shows Careers That Reach for the Sky

Women make up 47% of the U.S. labor force but less than 6% of the total pilot population. Through the work of the JetBlue Foundation, the Women in Flight Crewmember Resource Group, and the Diversity & Inclusion teams, JetBlue continues to advocate for a generation of females in the aviation industry. In 2016 JetBlue celebrated Women’s History Month by hosting Fly Like a Girl, an event for young girls to learn firsthand what it’s like to have a career in aviation.

At the event, the attendees participated in sessions throughout the day that included lively conversations with female crewmembers from Airport Operations, Ground Operations, Technical Operations, Flight Operations, and inflight crew. The event included a panel featuring crewmembers and gave attendees a behind-the-scenes overview of the JetBlue operation at the JFK hangar.

“Inspiration starts here. Encouraging education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and advocating for the future of aviation is how we will make a difference for our industry. These are the areas where we need more passion and focus to carry our industry forward.”

—Robin Hayes, President & CEO, JetBlue and Executive Director, JetBlue Foundation