Crewmembers Elevate Their Game at JetBlue University

JetBlue University helps crewmembers reach their potential through orientation, training, and ongoing development. With classrooms, learning labs, and flight simulators, JetBlue U prepares crewmembers for change, without compromising safety.

2016 was a record year, with nearly 18,000 crewmembers in attendance and over 3,600 new hire crewmembers joining JetBlue. Some took one-off classes on new programs, like JetBlue Promises Hospitality, which codifies JetBlue’s existing approach to making customers feel good beyond just providing a service. The classes covered topics like language used during interactions and how to present the brand. Other students, like ground operations crewmembers, completed a new classroom-based, instructor-led recurrent training program.

We reached out to prospective pilots through Gateway Select, solidified safety procedures with Safety Management System Training, and prepared to launch the first "A SAFE Place" Business Partner Summit.

“2017 promises to be another big year, as we acquire fifteen new A321 aircraft, plan for the first neos to arrive, and plan to break ground on the expansion of the Lodge. Most importantly however, our JetBlue University team looks forward to continuing to deliver an unmatched learning experience to our 20,000 crewmembers and counting.”

—Brad Sheehan, Vice President, JetBlue University