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JCCF Helps after Hurricane Matthew

2016 was a busy year for the JetBlue Crewmember Crisis Fund. JCCF responded to 165 crewmembers in need with more than $565,500 in grants. It’s estimated that 57% of crewmembers contributed to the fund through voluntary payroll donations.

When Hurricane Matthew affected crewmembers, JCCF granted immediate funds for food, building materials, and other necessities needed for temporary or permanent shelter. Crewmembers and families in Nassau, Orlando, and Haiti were helped.

In addition to the short-term aid, JCCF strengthened their long-term impact. They increased the maximum grant amount, and expanded the board of directors to include greater representation, making JCCF an even more valuable resource.

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“I am unable to find the words to express how much this grant has meant to me. It is a blessing to be able to be part of a business whose employees have gone out of their way to create a program like this one... I will continue to donate and am proud to be able to help others who are in situations like mine.”

—JetBlue crewmember, who was helped by JCCF