“Blue Hero” Brightens the Day of Distressed Customers

Little victories go a long way. Blue Hero formally empowers crewmembers to go further for customers who are traveling under difficult circumstances, like illness and bereavement.

In 2016, there were more than 188,000 of these stories. In one case, a mother was forced to disembark before takeoff due to her 12-year-old daughter’s anxiety. Meanwhile, the father and the other two daughters went on without them. Thanks to the kindness of a JetBlue ground supervisor, who tracked down nonstop tickets and let the daughter acclimatize to the new plane and crew ahead of time, the family was soon reunited.

The ground supervisor and mother exchanged numbers. That was fortunate, because on the return trip, the ground supervisor encouraged the daughter over the phone and helped the whole family change to a nonstop flight. Upon landing, the crew made an announcement congratulating the daughter, and the gate crew delivered care packages to all three girls.

“[JetBlue’s Ground Supervisor] was simply amazing. I tell the story of her kindness often. I always be sure to tell everyone how amazing we find JetBlue. My daughter is currently working with a cognitive behavioral therapist on her phobia.”